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CSST | IVAC | SAAQ | RRQ Compensation

BF Indemnisation is a service offered by a lawyer specializing in public compensation (CSST, IVAC, SAAQ and RRQ) as well as disability insurance and other private insurances. He is assisted by an experienced and qualified team of legal experts working together to provide a professional, effective, meticulous, and personalized service.

Navigating through the process of obtaining state compensation is often complex, and confronting it alone can be overwhelming. By entrusting BF Indemnisation with your case, you are guaranteed to be dealing with a committed team. Moreover, a simple error at the beginning of the process may threaten your right to compensation. To avoid losing the fair compensation to which you are entitled, put your trust in our professionals.

We specialize in compensation claims and we can help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled, and this, at any time during the administrative or legal process. Trust our experts and let us take care of your claim.

In short, with BF Indemnisation, you are choosing experienced lawyers who offer a wide range of legal services tailored to your needs, in order to obtain and to protect the compensation you are entitled to.

Did you know...

Services offerts
  • Consultation juridique avec un avocat chevronné

  • Gestion de votre dossier d'indemnisation ou
    service-conseil selon l'accompagnement désiré et la
    complexité du dossier

  • Analyse des chances de réussite

  • Analyse de la preuve (dossier médical ou autre)

  • Référencement à des médecins experts

  • Représentations à la Cour (CQ, CS, TAQ, CLP,) etc.

  • Négociations en conciliation avec les parties adverses

  • Tout autre service juridique nécessaire à l’avancement de votre dossier