CNESST, IVAC, SAAQ and RRQ compensation

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logo_RRQ-avocats-quebec-bernier-fournierBF Indemnisation offers a wide range of services with respect to the management of Régie des rentes du Québec (RRQ) files. Depending on your needs and on the complexity of your case, we can fully manage your file or advise you and process your disability benefit claims. In the event that your request is denied, a lawyer will be able to guide you and identify which documents you will need to support a decision challenge. In fact, the necessary evidence is different for each case, but specific evidence is often required depending on whether your request concerns a retirement pension, disability pension or survivor pension. In some cases, you will need medical expertise such that Court appointed medical expert can evaluate your medical condition and your ability to work.

Following a work-related accident or a car accident, a person may appeal to the RRQ to receive compensation. In conjunction with an RRQ file, you can have active files with the SAAQ and the CSST. You must be aware of what is happening with your files and possess all the necessary medical records to support your claims. Depending on the circumstances, the RRQ will act on the same evidence presented before the CSST or SAAQ and will base their decisions on conclusions drawn by these organizations. Following a negative decision, a revision is always possible and you may appeal the decision before the Administrative Court of Québec, if the review process does not reverse the initial decision.

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