CNESST, IVAC, SAAQ and RRQ compensation

Qualified Lawyers in Quebec

logo-saaq-avocats-quebec-bernier-fournierBF Indemnisation offers a wide range of services when it comes to managing your SAAQ file. Depending on your needs and on the complexity of your case, we can fully manage your file and/or advise you, process your claims and ccontest decisions. An lawyer specialized in SAAQ compensation will be able to properly defend your interests throughout the entire administrative process – and especially during the conciliation meeting with the SAAQ lawyer – or represent you before theAdministrative Tribunal of Québec. Unfortunately, road accident victims are not aware of all the services and benefits they are entitled to receive under the Automobile Insurance Act. Every case is unique and involves the application of specific provisions of the law. Getting advice from a lawyer is not only beneficial in terms of protecting existing rights, but it also helps you protect your future. We can help you get the compensation that corresponds to your reality, especially with respect to:

  • Eligibility for the compensation coverage provided by law;
  • Income replacement indemnity, allocated every 14 days;
  • Recognition of your injuries following a car accident;
  • Recognition of a change of situation when a medical condition worsens;
  • Being granted personal home assistance;
  • The necessity of receiving proper care and treatment;
  • The lump-sum received as compensation for loss of quality of life;
  • The rehabilitation process in order to return to the workforce;
  • Death benefits paid out to spouses and relatives;
  • Etc.


In short, with BF Indemnisation, you are choosing experienced lawyers who offer a wide range of legal services tailored to your needs, in order to obtain and protect the compensation you are entitled to.

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