The pension for a disabled person’s child is available for the children of those who are entitled to a disability pension granted by the Régie des rentes du Québec, as well as those living with individuals eligible for this scheme.

Indeed, this pension for a disabled person’s child is granted for the individual’s minor children, whether biological or adoptive, if this individual has a severe and permanent disability preventing him from returning to the work force. In addition, if the disabled person acts as a parent for a minor child residing with him for at least one year, without it being considered a foster care placement, he could also receive this type of benefits.

Moreover, this pension is paid for any child under the age of 18, whether he is employed or not. However, it is important to note that this pension ends in the event of the child’s death, or if the disability pension ceases to be paid to the disabled person. In addition, the pension also ends if the child ceases to reside with the disabled person. In the case of the death of the disabled person, the child may request an orphan’s pension.

There are two methods of payment for this type of pension. Firstly, the pension may be paid to the disabled person if he is responsible for the child. Thus, if the child resides with the disabled person, the Régie considers that he provides for his needs and will add the amount to the monthly disability pension. However, if the disabled person does not care for the needs of the child, the Régie will pay the pension to the person who does. A noteworthy fact, the pension for a disabled person’s child is considered as personal income of the child no matter whom it is paid to and it will never reduce the amount of the disability pension.

In 2014, the amount granted by the Régie des rentes du Québec on a monthly basis as pension for a disabled person’s child is $ 73.25.

With the precious collaboration of Ms. Marylise Soporan, articling student.